• Japan Airlines Airport Operations Representative Los Angeles

    Location Los Angeles, CA, USA


    As an Airport Operations Representative, you'll oversee daily flight operations and manage loadmaster duties for entrustment company staff. This critical role ensures the safe and efficient loading and unloading of aircraft. Your responsibilities encompass verifying proper cargo handling procedures, including confirming tiedown and zone loading, ensuring the safe transport of dangerous goods, live animals, and wet cargo, and verifying restraining conditions before closing cargo doors. You'll closely monitor aircraft loading and unloading processes, ensuring all personnel follow established safety protocols for all cargo types. Additionally, you'll manage the handling of special cargo and stay updated on the latest handling guidelines, keeping your team informed of any changes. Your communication and coordination skills are vital, as you'll conduct daily morning meetings with ground handling agents and airport dispatchers, provide crew briefings, and communicate weight balance and Net Line Load information to dispatchers after flights. You'll also conduct monthly meetings to discuss ramp safety and passenger baggage handling practices, ensuring luggage containers arrive on time.

    Starting Pay: $16.76 - $32.03 / hour

    Benefits and Offers

    Japan Airlines offers an open, multilingual office environment, a chance to join the global travel industry, and opportunities for professional skill development and career growth.


    To qualify for this role, candidates must possess fluency in English, proficiency in Microsoft and Google Suite applications, and a valid driver's license. Additionally, Must successfully pass the Japan Airlines Dangerous Goods test and obtain an airport badge with US Customs clearance.

    The ability to lift and carry up to 70 lbs is essential. occasional travel and working weekends and holidays are also required.

    Previous experience in airline ramp and operations, as well as Japanese language skills, are highly preferred.


    Company: Japan Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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