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    Category Flight Attendant
    Location Boise, ID, USA

    Job Description

    The primary role of a SkyWest Flight Attendant is to ensure the safety of our passengers while they are onboard our aircraft. Important responsibilities also include caring for our passengers and offering exceptional customer service while serving meals and drinks. This is a dynamic and exciting position that allows you to travel, meet new challenges, and be invigorated every day as you portray the essence of SkyWest to our customers!

    Benefits and Offers

    The beginning rate is $20.55 per flight hour [Base compensation is 76 flight hours x $20.55 per flight hour = $1,561.80 per month (Note: this does not include per diem*)]

    After six months, the rate increases to $21.22 per flight hour

    After one year of service, the rate increases to $25.20 per flight hour

    *Per Diem: In addition, you are paid $2.00 per diem for every hour you are on duty away from your domicile.

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Ensure safety and comfort of customers onboard the aircraft

    • Efficiently prepare, serve, and restock in-flight beverages, meals, snacks, and sell onboard liquor and food

    • Greet passengers, assist with carry-on baggage stowage, and deliver onboard announcements

    • Provide effective leadership, direction, and assistance in emergency and non-emergency situations

    • Calmly resolve passenger situations during flight, including disorderly passengers, and medical emergencies

    • Ensure compliance with safety regulations by inspecting and safely operating aircraft cabin components, systems, and emergency equipment such as, escape slides, fire extinguishers, portable oxygen bottles, and automatic external defibrillators (AED)

    • Adhere to established procedures and performance standards without supervision

    Job Requirements

    • Must be at least 21 years of age

    • High school diploma or GED required

    • Prior to attending training, applicant must be in possession of a current, valid U.S or foreign passport and any applicable visas necessary to travel freely between the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas

    • Excellent English communication skills required to provide safety information to passengers and write clear, factual, and detailed reports pertaining to irregular, emergency, and security events

    • Comfortable utilizing basic functions of electronic devices and PEDs to operate audio and video systems, collect and track in-flight purchases, and perform other flight and training duties

    • Willing to work varied shifts up to 16 hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays

    • Able to travel frequently and spend lengthy periods of time alone and without supervision

    • Must be reliable and punctual

    • Must be willing to relocate to one of our crew domiciles as assigned by the company after successful completion of SkyWest InFlight Training:

      • Boise, ID

      • Chicago, IL

      • Colorado Springs, CO

      • Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

      • Denver, CO

      • Detroit, MI

      • Fresno, CA

      • Houston, TX

      • Los Angeles, CA

      • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

      • Palm Springs, CA

      • Phoenix, AZ

      • Portland, OR

      • Salt Lake City, UT

      • San Diego, CA

      • San Francisco, CA

      • Seattle, WA

      • Tucson, AZ

    • Physical and Other Requirements

    • Height and weight must allow for safe operation of the aircraft and may not exceed specific aircraft dimensions (for example, must be able to sit in jump seat and fasten the harness, move throughout the cabin aisle, and operate emergency exits). For your safety, your height must be between 5’0” to 6’0” without shoes.

    • Must be physically able to perform tasks that require frequent walking, bending below ankle level and reaching above shoulder level; open emergency exits and close aircraft doors weighing up to 45 pounds; push and pull beverage cart weighing up to 250 pounds; and lift, store, transport and reach for items with or without reasonable accommodation

    • Corrected vision should not exceed 20/40

    • Normal or corrected hearing range within 15-17kHZ

    • Overall appearance must be professional, neat and clean

    • No extreme hair styles or colors are permitted

    • Single stud nose piercing 2mm or smaller is allowed. Two piercings allowed per ear. Gauges must be plugged with clear or skin toned plugs and must not exceed ½”. Other facial, mouth, or tongue piercings are not permitted

    • Visible tattoos are permitted with limitations based on dimension and location. Tattoos that do not fall within these guidelines must be covered by the uniform or with skin tone compatible tattoo makeup. Bandages are not an approved form of tattoo coverage. Offensive tattoos must not be visible.

    • Must wear a company issued uniform and compliant face mask/covering as required

    Job Details

    Company: SkyWest Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Boise, ID, USA

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