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    Job Description

    It’s an exciting time to be part of Delta's Reservations team as we redefine how and where we serve customers and set new standards for the experiences we create for customers as well as thousands of Reservations and Care employees. The Specialist roles will help enable that vision by bringing to life new corporate initiatives in our engagement centers including new retailing capabilities like change simplification, new channel platforms like a cloud-based phone system from Amazon and AI-enabled Apple Business Chat, a new state-of-the-art workforce management system as well as transformational projects in Learning, Specialist Tools, Real-Time Service Recovery, Operations Management, and more.

    These Specialist roles will support our frontline specialists with strategic planning & strategies, operations management, technology, training & communications. The role of these positions is to constantly innovate and optimize all aspects of the business in order to make our specialists jobs easier, improve the customer’s experience, and operate seamlessly, efficiently and safely. Here is just a sample of the exciting departments that have roles available:

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Customer Experience Strategy

    • Retail & Servicing: partner with enterprise commercial teams as well as frontline teams in rethinking Res processes related to retail & servicing experiences like ticketing/fees, branded products, refunds, customer segmentation & loyalty. Develop strategies to improve customer & employee experience, reduce friction and eliminate or streamline the customer’s dependency on Reservations or to submit complaints to Care.

    • Operations & Care: Partner with operational teams as well as frontline teams in rethinking Res processes related to operations and Care experiences like service recovery, baggage and airport handling. Develop strategies to improve customer & employee experience, drive Net Promoter Score growth, reduce friction and eliminate or streamline the customer’s dependency on Reservations or Care.

    • Planning and Analysis

    • Resource Strategy and Performance: Drive strategy and end state vision of Res simplification to unlock efficiencies and improve customer and specialist experience. Reimagine critical performance drivers such as incentives program and performance analytics tools; key stakeholder in design and implementation of essential technology such as new voice system and new workforce management system to enable Res transformation..

    • Employee Experience

    • Employee Engagement: Create effective feedback loops and engagement opportunities to ensure specialists’ voices are heard and used to shape all aspects of our business from new policies, processes, people and technology investments. Lead strategic and tactical communications to prepare our frontline specialists and leaders for fast-paced change through thoughtfully crafted messaging and communication plans. Learning: Lead Reservations transformation by developing new learning strategies, reshaping our environment and adopt new techniques to allow our specialists the chance to engage and grow in a dynamic, on-demand and interactive way.

    • Strategic Initiatives Specialist support one or more strategic initiatives including development of strategies, detailed plans and measurable outcomes, process-mapping, cross-divisional coordination, and any analysis or research needed to define the strategy and quantify results.  Successful candidates will have a strong instinct for customer and employee experience, will be creative thinkers, and will possess an ability to be proactive and anticipate change.

    • Planning and Analysis Specialist Lead divisional reporting on metrics and trends as well as deep dive analysis at divisional level. Responsible for development and maintenance of analysis tools as well as data integrity across our data tables and reports. Also responsible for using data and customer feedback to develop actionable insights that drive improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue generation and operational efficiency. This is a dynamic role that is designed to drive cutting edge reporting and analytical tools into the business in order to optimize the customer experience and create operational efficiencies.

    • Employee Experience Specialist are responsible for developing and leveraging effective and sustainable feedback processes to ensure employee input is leveraged to steer the business and guide strategic direction. In this dynamic environment, it’s critical we support and partner with our Specialists through this constant environment of change with strategic, well timed and appropriate change management activities, communication and engagement opportunities. A constant focus on continuous improvement, measuring progress, and adapting to improve effectiveness of engagements will be essential to success. This role will have high visibility interacting, partnering, and communicating across all areas and levels within Reservations, including the field customer engagement centers, G.O. strategy teams, and technology innovation, as well as with cross-divisional teams.

    Job Requirements

    • Bachelor's degree or related experience in business, economics, technology, engineering or related field required; MBA preferred but not required

    • 3 – 4 years relevant work experience in strategic planning, reporting, or customer analytics positions

    • Demonstrated proficiency in Tableau dashboard development, Excel, PowerPoint, Hyperion and/or SAS or similar software products

    • Strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills with ability to translate data into a logical and actionable story

    • Proficiency in written and oral communications and able to produce concise, relevant, strategic documents and executive presentations

    • Experience pulling, analyzing, and synthesizing data

    • Must demonstrate initiative and self-direct work with an ability to manage multiple priorities under aggressive deadlines.

    • Must have strong influencing skills to drive positive outcomes, strong written and verbal communication skills, and proven analytics skills.

    • May require travel

    • Must be performing satisfactorily in present position (if internal)

    • Preferred Qualifications

    • Preferred Majors: Business, Finance, Economics, Engineering, Operations Research, Transportation Science.

    • Airline and/or relevant service channel or voice of the customer experience is preferred.

    Job Details

    Company: Delta Air Lines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

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