• Heathrow Engineering Apprenticeship Programme

    Location United Kingdom

    Job Description

    As an Engineering Apprentice your role will be at the heart of delivering the best airport service in the world. The work you do will touch on all aspects of Heathrow life. That’s because our Engineering team are involved in everything – from water to energy, rail to roads, baggage systems to runways. There’s a huge range of exciting development, construction, and maintenance projects across our £14bn asset base.

    Joining Heathrow Engineering will give you broad training and on-the-job experience across electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems, with the support of a world-class team of experts. You’ll be doing real work, keeping our airport running smoothly and helping to shape the airport of the future.

    A brief layout of the programme is as follows:

    • In your first year, you’ll spend your time at Kingston College working towards a Level 2 NVQ

    • In years two and three, you’ll rotate around placements at Heathrow and gain real on-the-job experience, whilst working towards your Level 3 NVQ

    • In year four, you’ll enter a ‘final placement’ that will gear you up towards a permanent technician role within the wider function

    Upon completing the programme, you will be a qualified multi-skilled technician. And your development won’t stop there. At Heathrow we will always continue to support your career throughout your time with us.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Our apprenticeship gives you all the support you need to develop into a qualified multi-skilled technician. The programme offers accredited training, guidance, and valuable on-the-job experience to give you the skills you’ll need to establish yourself in an engineering career.

    • Across the four-year programme, you’ll become a key part of multiple high-performing teams – all responsible for maintaining critical elements of Heathrow’s infrastructure. You’ll develop a diverse skillset, learning from experienced colleagues as you build your technical expertise and begin to tailor the apprenticeship around your personal interests and skills.

    • It’s a supportive environment. At Heathrow we’ve offered Engineering Apprenticeships for over 40 years. Over 50% of our current Engineering workforce have come through the programme, so you’ll always be surrounded by people who are ready to help every step of the way.

    • You’ll complete the programme with qualifications across NVQ levels 2 and 3, as well as having had the opportunity to explore further education opportunities, including a BEng Foundation Degree.

    • You’ll also be earning as you learn, with a competitive starting salary of £16,981 that can increase each year as your skillset grows. All training, including learning materials, workwear, personal protective equipment and tools are provided.

    Job Requirements

    • You don’t need a background in engineering to join our apprenticeship, but you do need to show your passion for building a career with us. We’re looking for you to have achieved (or be on track to achieve) GCSE grade 5 (or equivalent) in Maths, Science and English, or to hold an equivalent or higher qualification. Beyond your academic qualifications though, we’re hoping to see evidence of your enthusiasm and willingness to make the most of the opportunities the programme provides.

    • Of course - you’ll bring a wide array of skills from your education, hobbies, and any work experience you may have completed so far. To help you understand what we’re looking for throughout our selection process, we’ll be focusing on elements from the Skills Builder Framework (see link for more information) and will be clear at every stage about what we’re concentrating on.

    Job Details

    Company: Heathrow

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: United Kingdom

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