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    Job Description

    Supervisor Airport and Ground Operations

    The Airports Supervisor leads, develops and maintains strategic relationships with JetBlue Crewmembers (all JetBlue employees are referred to as Crewmembers, including Pilots, Inflight, and Airports employees), internal departments, and Customers; depending on the specific station, this responsibility may extend to Business Partners (BP) as well. The Supervisor serves Airports Crewmembers as well as BPs, when applicable, through timely coaching and mentoring, ultimately contributing to the successful development of a growing team environment. The Supervisor will collaborate and partner closely with Manager(s) in the execution of the operational strategy to ensure success of our Customer interactions, control costs, drive revenue, and uphold safety standards. Airports Supervisors will oversee one or both of the following teams:

    • The Airports Operations (AO) team is responsible for safely performing all processes above the wing, where required, including but not limited to Customer check-in, tagging and accepting baggage, boarding of flights, connecting Customers, irregular operations, Baggage Service Office (BSO) and cleaning of aircraft.

    • The Ground Operations (GO) team is responsible for safely performing all processes below the wing, where required, including but not limited to bag room, loading of baggage, transfer baggage, safety compliance, cleaning of aircraft, and ensuring the safe operation of all aircraft.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Accountable to senior leadership for monitoring and executing the safety and security programs at the station to ensure a safe and secure workplace for Crewmembers, Customers, BPs, aircraft, facilities, and ground service equipment (GSE) (where applicable) -- responsible for meeting federal and local requirements.

    • Provides exceptional service to both internal and external Customers by leading and overseeing the delivery of hospitality and JetBlue Promises, which are in-line with the high expectations Customers have for JetBlue. Responsible for resolving and handling escalated issues with Customers and/or Crewmembers.

    • Supports, coaches, and trains Airports Crewmembers, encourages engagement, and takes a significant role in their development and growth achievement through effective performance management and ongoing constructive formal and informal feedback.

    • Briefs Airports Crewmembers and/or BPs prior to each shift and reports all relevant information concerning shift to Crewleader on duty, including any maintenance issues or cancellations.

    • Strategically identifies operational challenges and implement improvements to maximize and ensure success of on-time performance initiatives.

    • Supports Management in the execution of the operational strategy and assumes Manager/General Manager responsibilities when they are not available.

    • Directs and guides Airports Crewmembers through operational issues while coordinating efforts with all applicable stakeholders throughout the operation as well as BPs in order to ensure effective day-to-day collaboration and accountability.

    • Obtains and stays current on AO and/or GO qualifications, as required.

    • Ensures that policies and procedures are conducted in accordance with SAPQ and applicable federal regulations and standards, including escalating any non-compliance to Leadership, and advising of any other escalated operational issues while monitoring events.

    • Partners with JetBlue University including the JBU Field Educator to ensure effective training that leads to successful Customer interactions and upholds safety standards

    • Evaluates daily Crewmember shift schedules and assignments to ensure maximum efficiency during regular and irregular operations. Must be able to stay ahead of any potential staffing challenges during both regular and irregular operations. Additionally, Supervisor should be able to plot and assign Crewmembers to all applicable areas as needed.

    • Required to fulfill frontline duties and assist in supporting Frontline CMs as needed

    • Administrative support oversights may be assigned, depending on station size

    • Other duties as assigned, including special projects.

    Job Requirements

    • High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) or equivalent (e.g. Secondary School)

    • Three (3) years of Customer service, sales, or airline experience, OR one (1) year experience in JetBlue’s Customer Experience division

    • Able to stand continuously up to four (4) hours at a time

    • Must be able to read, write, and speak English and native language of the station

    • Ability to handle confidential information with professionalism and diplomacy

    • Able to travel and/or work variable hours, flexible shifts, including holidays and weekends

    • Ability to perform under pressure and fixed time constraints

    • Proficient knowledge in Microsoft office

    • Must be able to use handheld radios and microphones to communicate with operations and make all terminal announcements

    • Able to work with various forms of payment (cash, credit cards, traveler’s checks, etc.)

    • Must be able to acquire and maintain a valid airports secure area badge (e.g. ID Pass)

    • Supervisors overseeing GO must possess and maintain a valid Driver License and a driving record that meets JetBlue Airways’ insurance standards

    • In possession of valid travel documents to travel to and from the United States

    • Depending on location, may need to acquire and maintain a United States Customs Clearance

    • Pass a ten (10) year background check and pre-employment drug test

    • Legally eligible to work in the country in which the position is located

    • Preferred Experience and Qualifications

    • Bilingual skills

    • Outstanding leadership capabilities, with ability to lead, train and motivate

    • One (1) year of leadership or Supervision experience, preferably in the Airline industry

    • Knowledgeable in AO and/or GO

    • Knowledgeable in Sabre and Movement Control Web

    • Knowledgeable in Flight Load Management, Complaint Resolution Office, Ground Security Coordinator

    • Excellent time management and prioritization skills

    • Excellent Customer service skills

    • Ability to think creatively

    Job Details

    Company: JetBlue Airways

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: London, United Kingdom

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