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    Location Denver, CO, USA

    Job Description

    Material Specialists maintain Company storeroom logs and records, deliver aircraft parts to various Technical Operations Teams with Southwest Hospitality, and multitask effectively to meet required deadlines. The Denver Material Specialist works within the Denver Hangar and its warehouse environment. In this role you will have opportunities to collaborate with various workgroups and identify additional areas of interest to gain exposure as you further develop your career. Material Specialists enjoy working with others to execute logistics in a detail-oriented, dynamic, and safe environment

    Benefits and Offers

    • Starting pay of $17.00 per hour plus benefits you’ll love:

    • Fly for free, as a privilege, on any open seat on all Southwest flights—your eligible dependents too.

    • Up to a 9.3% 401(k) Company match, dollar for dollar, per paycheck.

    • Potential for annual ProfitSharing contribution toward retirement - when Southwest profits, you profit.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Provides friendly service to and maintains positive relationships with all internal and external Customers.

    • Works in a cooperative spirit to ensure the success of our Company.

    • A Material Specialist Employee will do all work generally recognized as the routine duties of a Material Specialist and/or stockroom employee in and about the Company storerooms and stockrooms, including but not limited to receiving, shipping, checking, classifying, issuing, inventorying (on a nonexclusive basis), storing and warehousing of supplies, tools, materials and the operation of stores equipment and the preparation and maintenance of records and reports in connection therewith.

    • The duties of a Material Specialist shall include the delivery of parts and materials to the maintenance department and ground equipment maintenance department.

    • The duties of Material Specialist employees may also include the erection and/or assembly of stocking bins, shelves, decks, employing the use of required power tools when necessary and the driving of motor vehicles in the pick up and delivery of parts, equipment, materials and tools where Material Specialists are assigned.

    • The paragraph does not preclude the Company from utilizing Employees other than Material Specialists to perform inventorying functions.

    • Attends initial and ongoing training (classroom and/or on-the-job), and keeps current on knowledge, information, and equipment to gain proficiency in their work.

    • Works as a member of lean staff operating out of cities served by the airline.

    • Wears visual identification required by the Company, prominently displayed above the waist for ready recognition.

    • Duties vary by size and organization of the station.

    • Must be able to meet any physical ability requirements listed on this description.

    • May perform other job duties as directed by Employee’s Leaders.

    Job Requirements

    • High School Diploma, GED or equivalent education required.

    • Must be at least 18 years of age.

    • Must have authorization to work in the United States as defined by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986.

    • High school diploma or equivalency required.

    • Must be able to obtain a SIDA badge and meet all local airport requirements.

    • Must possess a valid U.S. Driver's License.

    • Must be able to pass physical abilities test as detailed in the attached “Summary of Physical Job Requirements”.

    • Must have vision ability sufficient to perform essential job functions.

    • Must be able to operate a forklift.

    • Must be able to lift and/or move items weighing 75 pounds on a regular basis and up to 100 pounds on an occasional basis.

    • Must be able to use a computer keyboard with sufficient speed to meet demands of job.

    • Must be able to read documents, follow instructions, learn, and understand procedures, rules, and regulations including federal and local security regulations.

    • Must be able to perform well in a fast paced environment, subject to adverse weather and aircraft noise.

    • Must be able to work rotating shifts and/or overtime, as well as on holidays and weekends.

    • Must be able to satisfactorily complete training program and evaluation period.

    • Must be aware of hazardous situations and be able to handle emergencies as needed.

    • Must work under tight time constraints to accomplish job tasks.

    • Must be able to perform all job functions within a limited space.

    • Must be able to effectively communicate verbally, using a well modulated voice.

    • Must be able to effectively communicate ideas in writing.

    • Must be able to work well under stressful situations.

    • Must be able to work well with others as part of a Team.

    • Must be able to comprehend and keep abreast of information pertinent to the job.

    • Must be able to comply with Company attendance standards as described in established guidelines.

    • Other Qualifications

    • Must maintain a well-groomed appearance per Company appearance standards as described in established guidelines.

    Job Details

    Company: Southwest Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

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