• Air Canada Careers | Lead Customer Experience Specialist - Airport Job ($21.94/hr) LAX, USA

    Location Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Job Description

    Air Canada, recently ranked Best Airline in North America, is currently looking for a Lead Customer Experience Specialist at the Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles.The salary is $21.94 according to the collective agreement.

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Perform all duties of a Customer Experience Specialist

    • Will be assigned to perform the duties of an Aircraft Service Coordinator as directed

    • Under the direction of the Manager perform daily job duties for the Work Unit.

    • Coordinate work assignments ensuring all agents maintain a high level of proficiency in all aspects of the job of Customer Experience Specialist

    • Allocate the available manpower to meet demands, including the booking of OT and granting of RO, changing of shifts and/or duty assignments as necessary with consultation of Mgt

    • Assign, and reassign Agents as required due to operational needs as directed by Mgt and with the objective of maintaining proficiency in all job functions, ie: aircraft service coordinators

    • Coordinate routine administration, operational requirements, including planning / calling of overtime as delegated by Mgt

    • Assign daily lunch / breaks in a manner consistent with the collective agreement and the requirements of the work unit, providing for efficient use of available resources while protecting the operation

    • Perform on-the-job training as required and directed by Mgt and / or Training Dept

    • May be called upon to lead formal training classes, both basic and recurrent

    • Liaise with other Work Units, ground handling Companies, Caterer, Governmental and Airport Authorities.

    • Monitor and audit the provisions of contracted services, report on findings, recommend improvements.

    • When assigned or in emergencies Coordinate all ramp handling functions.

    • Investigate and complete Safety and Security reporting as required

    • Preliminary accident investigation and report on findings, recommend action as required

    • Ensure that all necessary supplies and material are on hand in sufficient quantity.

    • Assist Customer Experience Specialists in the handling of VIP or irate customers as required

    • Collect and compile statistical data.

    Job Requirements

    • Ability to perform all the duties of a Customer Experience Specialist,

    • Must be familiar with the duties of an Aircraft Service Coordinator.

    • Must have the ability to use tact, good judgment and initiative.

    • Must have demonstrated leadership qualities.

    • Must have excellent oral, written communication skills.

    • Ability to work under pressure with a minimum of supervision.

    • Demonstrated organizational skills – ability to organize work and direct the efforts of others in a productive non-threatening manner.

    • Must wear Company uniform as prescribed and conforms to Company grooming standards.

    • Possess a basic understanding of the principles of weight and balance.

    • Must be able to work shift work including irregular shifts and overtime when required/directed.

    • Must be able to lift (70) lbs. unaided.

    • Must maintain an acceptable attendance record.

    • Candidates must be eligible to work in the country of interest, at the time any offer of employment is made and seeking any required work permits/visas or other authorizations which may be required is the sole responsibly of the candidates applying for this position.

    Job Details

    Company: Air Canada

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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