• Air Canada Careers | Customer Service Agent - Cargo Job ($16.62/hr) Los Angeles, USA

    Location Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Job Description

    Deal directly with the public, other airlines, agencies and Company employees by providing Cargo customer services in a manner prescribed by the Company.

    Hourly Rate of $16.62/Hr

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Receive and answer inquiries from the public, other airlines, agencies and Company employees.

    • Receive, deliver and process cargo, mail and COMAT.

    • Physically handle Cargo/Mail/COMAT manually or by machine (e.g., fork lift).

    • Pick up or take delivery of and sign receipt for aircraft spare parts from other carriers to be used on Company aircraft.

    • Drive Company vehicles.

    • Compute cargo rates and tariffs, book shipments and provide customers with relevant information including Customs requirements.

    • Handle and account for cash/documents in accordance with Company regulations.

    • Process information in the Company's automated cargo tracking and accounting system in accordance with Company requirements.

    • Accept and process Hazardous/Restricted material shipments in accordance with Company and Governmental rules and regulations.

    • In the absence of Manager and Lead Customer Service Agent, make, carry out and document decisions necessary to ensure the efficient operation of the work unit and protect Company interests.

    • Inform staff either verbally or in writing, as required, of changes in rules, methods or procedures.

    • Ensure that all necessary supplies and material are on hand in sufficient quantity.

    • Collect and compile statistical data.

    • Investigate damaged or incomplete shipments and complete bad order report as required.

    Job Requirements

    • Must have an ability to use tact, good judgement and initiative.

    • Must be capable of expressing self in a clear and pleasant manner.

    • Ability to work under pressure with a minimum of supervision.

    • Must, after training, be able to use the Company's automated cargo tracking and accounting system.

    • Must wear Company uniform as prescribed and conform to Company grooming standard.

    • Must possess a valid driver's license.

    • Must be able to operate Company vehicles and machinery.

    • Must be able to stand or sit for extended periods of time.

    • Must be able to lift seventy (70) lbs unaided.

    • Must maintain an acceptable attendance record.

    • Must have valid passport to travel for training in Canada

    • Must be eligible to obtain necessary credentials and clearances including FAA, TSA, Port Authority, U.S. Customs Seals and U.S. Postal. Note that in order to obtain a customs seal, you must be eligible to work in the US without sponsorship.

    Job Details

    Company: Air Canada

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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