• SAUDIA Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew Saudi Arabia

    Location Saudi Arabia


    Saudi Arabia's leading National Air Carrier, SAUDIA, is seeking Flight Attendants to ensure passenger safety and comfort on flights. The successful candidate will work independently and effectively with the cabin crew team. The role allows candidates to develop their career path from Flight Attendant to Cabin Manager. The flight attendant will be responsible for high-standard safety, consistent onboard product delivery, taking initiative to address issues, and contributing to the cabin crew's customer experience.


    To succeed in this role, applicants must have a high school degree, a GPA of 'Good' or equivalent, be between 20 and 30 years old, be at least 155 cm tall, and have a minimum arm reach of 212 cm. Must pass a screening assessment, maintain a pleasant appearance, have good personal hygiene, have good teeth, and have clear skin. Visible tattoos and body piercings are not allowed. Medically fit for the role is also required. The minimum English level required for the interview is a Standardized Test for English Proficiency (STEP) by QIYAS, with a minimum score of 52. Other English tests will not be accepted.


    Company: SAUDIA

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Jeddah | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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