• Qatar Airways Careers | Cargo Reservations Agent Job, Hong Kong

    Location Hong Kong

    Job Description

    In this position, you will ensure the smooth operational flow of cargo through acceptance and management of bookings. You will monitor and record reservations and ensure all aspects of the bookings are properly recorded and submitted. You will also be required to coordination with cargo sales executives, QR space control, and local area Ground Services Agent (GSA).

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Accept bookings for cargo sales and ensure they are properly fed into the cargo IT system.

    • Liaise between sales team members an QR space Control to ensure each reservation is properly allocated

    • Record updates on backlog\critical situations to avoid complaints from customers.

    • Make booking with OAL\Trucking companies and make use of SPA contracts to ensure satisfactory service to offline destinations

    • Co-ordinate between QAS, QR & Outstations on a shipment requiring special handling\attention to ensure smooth movement of cargo.

    • Provide booking list to GHA within the agreed time frame.

    • To load flight reservations in the system and coordinate space allocations in relation to reservations with QR Space Control

    Job Requirements

    • A Trade or Vocational qualification.

    • Advanced skill level in MS Office

    • 3 years of job related experience similar to the Cargo / Air Freight Industry and it's an advantage if you have prior exposure to Airline Sales

    Job Details

    Company: Qatar Airways

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Hong Kong

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