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    Location Manchester, UK

    Job Description

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Deploy available resources to best advantage in order to satisfy Customer and operational

    • Analyze anticipated operational problems such as overbookings, adverse weather conditions, delays, cancellation of flights, crew flight time limitations etc., undertaking necessary remedial action to ensure disruptions are minimized and the customer service levels are not impacted.

    • Ensure that Handling Agent, caterers and other service providers are fully briefed regarding Emirates’ requirements for the day’s operation including any special handling, and update this information as necessary in order to ensure a smooth operation and avoid unnecessary expenditure and inconvenience to our customers.

    • Control expenditure on damage baggage replacement and lost baggage claims. Delegate some of the baggage claims processing to the Supervisors/ASAs, to ensure all of the baggage services aspects are processed effectively and in a timely manner.

    • Assist the Airport Services Manager in preparing and maintaining the staff duty roster and in preparing the staff annual leave plan as necessary and ensure staffing levels are optimized.

    • Undertake various administrative duties delegated by Airport Services Manager including attending various meetings as directed and ensure Emirates interests/requirements are appropriately represented at such meetings.

    • Assist the ASM in Employee Regulation Programme and in conducting staff performance reviews in line with Performance Matters (i.e. setting staff’s objectives and development plan) and support, coach and guide staff members to ensure maintenance of customer service and other standards such as grooming.

    • Manage and administer all operational/supervisory activities on a shift basis and ensure appropriate control of processes related to document and information consolidation (revenue documents , cargo, handling reports etc) in order to safeguard revenues; operational data and avoid discrepancies.

    • Monitoring of all operational units (Customer Services, Ticket desk, Ramp and Lounge). Establish a regular reporting mechanism to ensure there is a timely and consistent monitoring of service delivery, across operations. Monitor KPI’s for service performance and ensure that these KPI’s are met consistently by each unit.

    • Under take projects from time to time as advised by the Airport Services Manager in relation to operational standards and procedures thereby improving efficiency and quality of service delivered at the station. Assist ASM in ERP (Emergency Response Planning) and other related tasks.

    • Ensure Passenger Service and Ground Operations Manual updates are communicated and adhered to, internally and by relevant service providers. Promote a continuously improving culture of safety, with open reporting of safety deficiencies, human factor issues and compliance with local laws to uphold the delivery of safe and secure operations.

    Job Requirements

    • Minimum ‘A’ Level or equivalent

    • Must have completed relevant and recognized professional training courses and have experience working in Passenger Services and Ground Operations

    • Experience in supervising, guiding, coaching and motivating staff

    • A working knowledge of Reservations/Fares and Ticketing, Departure Control System

    • Knowledge of Dangerous Goods Regulations & Weight & Balance.

    • Knowledge of Baggage Tracing and Claims Handling

    • Knowledge of Microsoft Word/ E-mail / Excel advantageous

    • Advanced skills in customer service delivery

    • Fluent in spoken and written English

    Job Details

    Company: Emirates

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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