• Alaska Airlines Training  Program | Become a Pilot ($25,000 Stipend) Portland

    Location Portland, OR, USA

    Job Description

    The Ascend Pilot Academy is a new flight training program designed for aspiring commercial pilots with little or no flying experience to complete an intensive training and experience-building program before joining Horizon Air as a First Officer. As part of Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines commitment to equity, this program is designed to help all aspiring pilots, including those who may need financial support to make their dream of a flying career a reality.

    Training Location: Hillsboro Aero Academy in Hillsboro & Redmond Oregon

    Program Length: Approximately 3-3.5 years

    Stipends: $25,000 towards commercial pilot certificate and up to $3500 to cover the CFII (Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument Certificate)

    Student Commitment: A minimum of 2 years working as a pilot for Horizon Air once all training, certificate and flight experience requirements are completed

    Pathway to Alaska Airlines: An opportunity to join Alaska Airlines as a First Officer is available as part of the Pilot Pathways program once eligibility is met

    Benefits and Offers

    • Medical, dental and vision benefits

    • 401k program with a company match up to 6%

    • Monthly incentive pay plan up to $150 per month

    • Annual incentive pay plan with a target 5% payout of annual earnings

    • Generous paid time off

    • Unlimited standby travel benefits on Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    Job Requirements

    • Valid passport allowing unrestricted travel to and from the U.S.  

    • Valid driver’s license

    • Hold a First Class Medical

    • Ability to work a variety of schedules to include nights, weekends, and holidays. 

    • Ability to communicate in English and authorization to work in the U.S. 

    • Little to no flight training experience, experience not exceeding a Private Pilot’s License

    • Ability to relocate to Hillsboro Aero Academy training locations in Redmond, OR or Hillsboro, OR

    • Entry into the program requires the student agreeing to an ongoing release of the following records to Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines:

    • Training Records

    • Disciplinary Records

    • Attendance Records

    • Any other records the contain necessary and relevant information for the program

    Job Details

    Company: Alaska Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

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