• Airport Services Ramp Officer Job in Chicago ORD | Emirates

    Location Chicago, IL, USA

    Job Description

    To oversee all aspects of outstations ramp operations to ensure these activities are carried out in accordance with Emirates operating procedures and safety standards, and local and international regulations. Ensure the safe, efficient, and punctual delivery of operations on the ramp so that Emirates? safety and compliance levels are upheld and enhanced, whilst protecting our reputation, as per the criteria set forth by the Company?s safety and security policies, standards and procedures. Plan, organise, monitor, and control all aspects of ramp operations including effective co-ordination of all internal and external departments such as Ground Handling Agents, caterers, fuellers, and various authorities at the airport, to ensure that decisions are made and operations are performed with safety in mind, with continual role modelling of best practice safety behaviours. Ensure a safe and on-time departure for Emirates.

    Job Details

    Company: Emirates

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Chicago, IL, USA

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