• Gulf Air | Airport Duty Officer Job in Manchester

    Location Manchester, UK

    Job Description

    To oversee various customer handling areas of airport operations ensuring highest standard of service and following safe & secure working procedures.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Review the GSRs (Ground Safety Reports) and discuss with APM for appropriate action.

    • Oversee all customer handling areas Viz. Check-in, Departure Gate, Transit & Arrival. Ensure all functions are accurately and promptly carried out by company staff as well as Handling Agent Staff to the highest degree of standard.

    • Encourage GHA (Ground Handling Agent) staff to sell more ancillaries and generate revenue.

    • Brief the DMs/APM (Airport Duty Manager/Airport Manager) regarding shortfall of the GHAs on daily basis.

    • Assign pre-flight duties to all staff and conduct de-briefing to discuss the discrepancies.

    • Carry out any other tasks or duties as assigned by Airport Manager.

    • Direct Check-in staff in handling passengers for any irregularities, invalid documents etc.

    • Monitor catering figures and update catering unit well ahead to prevent wastage.

    • Direct Check-in staff in dealing excess baggage charges. Make decisions regarding charging and waiving of charges.

    • Liaise with Airport Support Unit/WWCC for VCRS (Virtual Coupon Records) updates in case of misconnections involving rerouting.

    • In case of Denied Boarding, guide check-in staff and deal passengers. Ensure updating SSCI for downgrading or offloading customers.

    • Establish and maintain good working relationships with customs, immigration, security, police, medical, cargo, ground transport, catering, duty free, courier companies, tour operators and other airline staff.

    • Communicate with Duty Manager / Airport Manager to upgrade A/C equipment if necessary in terms of over sales etc…

    • Ensure that Company Policy and local policies for handling delayed services are followed and that delayed passengers are given all assistance during such delays.

    • Ensure strict adherence of company safety and security standards.

    • Ensure that the handling agents output is according to company standards and in accordance with the agreed contract.

    • Ensure Company Regulations are being followed with regard to lost/found/damaged baggage and that the time factor in this connection is not exceeded.

    • Ensure that adequate stock level of all stationery and supervises distribution there of.

    • Ensure quality service to V.I.Ps, unaccompanied children etc. in areas of arrival, departure and during transits. Coordinate with Lounge staff.

    • Ensure that staff on shift, wear company uniform to the required standard.

    • Monitor the ramp activities.

    Job Details

    Company: Gulf Air

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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