• Air Arabia Customer Service Agent - Check-In Job in Morocco

    Location Morocco

    Job Description

    The job purpose of this position is to efficiently promote and execute Air Arabia customers’ check-in service in the corresponding station to achieve set targets and objectives. Additionally, the job involves establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with sales, travel services agents, Baggage agents, GHAs, Airport Authority, and Customs. Additionally, the job involves performing an efficient pre-flight check, passenger/baggage check-in, validating travel formalities, ensuring all necessary documents are verified and collected from and/or provided to customers, handling revenue documents/cash related to ticket fares, baggage fees, special services, etc., performing efficient and adequate handling of transit passengers, ensuring attending arrival flights as applicable, escorting passengers requiring special handling, providing assistance to passengers at the baggage claim area when needed, liaising with baggage service (lost and found section) on all claimed or left items, and providing maximum attention/care to passengers on delayed flights and to passengers denied from boarding. Additionally, the job involves providing maximum attention/care to passengers on delayed flights and to passengers denied from boarding to avoid any inconvenience or customer dissatisfaction.

    Job Requirements

    the candidate must have a Bachelor's degree in Tourism/Management or equivalent, proficiency in Microsoft Office, French and English Languages, 1-2 years of experience in a customer service industry, acceptable knowledge in Airline/Travel products and services, effective communication skills, identifying problems, recommending alternate solutions, effective persuasive, negotiation, and problem-solving skills, ability to work for long hours and under pressure, interpersonal relations to support company objectives, and the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against business strategy and set KPIs.

    Job Details

    Company: Air Arabia

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Morocco

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