• Sales and Station Agent Job at Turkish Airlines in Algeria

    Location Algiers [El Djazaïr], Algeria

    Job Description

    Turkish Airlines is looking for a highly motivated Sales and Station Agent to carry out Reservation/Booking, Ticket Sales, Information and Passenger (Operations) services at the Sales Office/Airport Office or both, as designated by the General, Airport or Sales Manager. This includes calculating the fare and arranging the route as per requests of the passengers, providing information to the passengers in relation to schedule, fares (APT-ABC), performing reservation/booking for the passengers applying to the counter, issuing tickets for Domestic and International lines, MCOs (Manual Change Orders), Excess Baggage Ticket, changing such tickets, performing Endorsement and Rerouting processes, welcoming the aircraft, ensuring coordination and communication between the crew, handling agent, catering, cleaning, air traffic, customs and immigration, ensuring that all daily flight documents are prepared in full and complete, placing the orders for daily catering service, and keeping any and all kinds of records in relation to the flights. Additionally, the Sales and Station Agent must report and register any operational income-cost-financing and financial statistical information to the relevant IT systems such as SAP.

    Job Requirements

    Qualifications include a Master/Bachelor degree, permanent residence permit, 1 year experience in civil aviation or tourism, excellent command of English and local language, ability to work in shifts, ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, strong communication skills, sense of responsibility.

    Job Details

    Company: Turkish Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Algiers, Algeria

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