• United Airlines Customer Service Representative in Hong Kong

    Location Hong Kong

    Job Description

    As a Customer Service Representative, you will perform a variety of customer service duties at the Hong Kong International Airport, such as assisting customers with schedules, making reservations, checking in, gate boarding, baggage handling, and special service requests. You will also perform aircraft weight & balance calculations, crew dispatching, passenger/ ramp planning, and related station operations control.

    Job Requirements

    the job requires a Diploma holder or above, at least one year's experience in customer orientated work, excellent communication skills, flexibility to work varying shifts, legal authorization to work in Hong Kong, fluent in English and Cantonese, reliable, punctual attendance, and knowledge and experience in passenger check-in and/or ramp operations.

    Job Details

    Company: United Airlines

    Employment Type: Part-time

    Job Location: Hong Kong

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