• United Airlines - Customer Service Representative - Part Time

    Location Frankfurt, Germany

    Job Description

    the job holder will be responsible for providing friendly, professional, confident, and insightful service to both domestic and international customers. They will be responsible for checking-in and processing passengers and baggage onto flights, ensuring that passengers have valid documentation, meeting and boarding flights, assisting passengers wherever required, working remote arrivals and departures outside, driving on the ramp, baggage service handling, manual handling of aircraft doors, transfer counter, United Club lounge, and other duties as needed to ensure the smooth running of Customer Services.

    Job Requirements

    The candidate must have a high school diploma or equivalent secondary school certificate, a professional image and appearance, outstanding customer service skills, confident communication skills, flexibility to work all shifts, legal authorization to work in Germany/EU without sponsorship, reliable, punctual attendance, previous airport operations experience with United Airlines, valid driver's license for Germany, and fluency in other European languages.

    Job Details

    Company: United Airlines

    Employment Type: Part-time

    Job Location: Frankfurt, Germany

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