• Cabin Crew at Aegean Airlines in Athens, Greece

    Category Flight Attendant
    Location Athens, Greece

    Job Description

    Aegean Airlines is seeking Cabin Crew in Athens to ensure passenger comfort, safety, and excellent in-flight service. The role involves creating a pleasant flight experience, promoting Greek philoxenia, and offering structured professional training, aviation safety education, and career development opportunities. AEGEAN offers a cooperative, multicultural environment and opportunities for career growth.

    AEGEAN offers a challenging job, valued work environment, excellent career development opportunities, flight tickets, and private health insurance scheme.

    Job Requirements

    To be considered for this role, applicants must have a high school graduate, preferably a university degree, fluency in English, and additional language knowledge in French, Russian, Italian, or German is highly preferred.

    Job Details

    Company: Aegean Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Athens, Greece

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