• Warehouse Attendant at Air Canada in London

    Location London, UK

    Job Description

    Air Canada is hiring a Warehouse Attendant in London to provide cargo warehouse services to the public, airlines, agencies, and employees. The role involves accepting and delivering cargo and mail, verifying piece count, ensuring paperwork is correct, and building up and breaking pallets, containers, and bulk carts. The position may also involve acting as a Lead Warehouse Attendant if needed. The duties include handling cargo and mail manually or by machine, driving company vehicles, and delivering transhipments. The role also involves handling hazardous and restricted material shipments, performing weekly bond and rack checks, and ensuring compliance with ACU online training.

    Job Requirements

    The candidate must have strong verbal and written skills, tact, good judgment, initiative, work under pressure, plan workload, and meet deadlines. They must be a team player and represent Air Canada professionally. They must wear company uniform, PPE, and be flexible in shift work. A valid UK driving license and UK work permit are required. Additional assets include a current forklift license and DfT Security trained.

    Job Details

    Company: Air Canada

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: London, United Kingdom

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