• Aviation Security Officer at Birmingham Airport

    Location Birmingham, UK

    Job Description

    Birmingham Airport is seeking an Aviation Security Officer to control access to restricted areas, screen personnel, conduct security identification and boarding card checks, respond to emergency situations, escort duties, provide proactive communication, conduct patrols, and adhere to local operating procedures and airport bylaws. The role involves completing training, meeting compliance and throughput targets, and consistently demonstrating positive behaviors that support the company's brand values. The candidate must be compliant with local operating procedures, working practices, and airport bylaws.

    Salary £11.30 per hour Group pension, annual bonus, life insurance, share scheme, free onsite parking, concession discounts, discounted gym memberships

    Job Requirements

    The role requires good communication, team focus, flexibility, and attention to detail. The ideal candidate should be 18 years or older, have a 5+ years checkable work/education history, and pass a satisfactory criminal record check. The role involves a range of duties and responsibilities, with specific tasks and objectives agreed on an ongoing basis. The ideal candidate should be able to resolve problems to customer satisfaction and respect all parties involved. Experience in a security role is desirable.

    Job Details

    Company: Birmingham Airport

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Birmingham Airport, United Kingdom

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