• Concierge Agent at Air Canada in Ottawa

    Location Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Job Description

    Air Canada is seeking a Concierge Agent at Ottawa Airport for a 40-hour full-time position. The position focuses on assisting premium customers at the airport, including check-in, Maple Leaf lounges, and traditional personal services. The role is modeled after concierge service found in 5 star hotels. The Concierge's duties vary daily, depending on the diverse requirements of top tier premium customers. They must identify and review reservations, ensure system-wide "personal service" follow-up, greet high-value/high profile customers, offer assistance, monitor connections, and work closely with the Super Elite reservations desk and Customer Relations to facilitate and resolve service failures.

    The Concierge's library of reference material and daily log are also essential. The position aims to develop a network of contacts and resources to accommodate the diverse requests of top tier customers.

    Job Requirements

    The position requires technical expertise in Airport Customer Sales and Service Agent, airline service information, airport procedures, local city attractions, events, hotels, restaurants, and services. Behavioral skills include excellent customer service, a proactive attitude, good judgment, leadership, people skills, self-motivation, excellent grooming, organization, attention to detail, excellent attendance record, and willingness to work in a team environment. Candidates must be eligible to work in their country of interest and be responsible for obtaining necessary work permits/visas. Linguistic fluency is required, with a preference for fluency in English and French. Other languages considered an asset include Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, or Greek.

    Job Details

    Company: Air Canada

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

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