• Airport Services Officer at Emirates in Tunis

    Location Tunis, Tunisia

    Job Description

    The Airport Services Officer at Emirates in Tunis is responsible for enhancing customer service by assisting customers on arrival and departure, ensuring high-quality and professional service. This includes assessing customer requirements, monitoring arrival immigration problems, and providing appropriate special services and facilities. The officer also monitors check-in, queue-combing, and ensures service standards are maintained.

    The officer provides cover during leave, sickness, or training, and handles problems such as delays, disruptions, excess baggage, and denied boarding. They ensure eligible customers receive accommodation and transport as per applicable procedures.

    The officer assists with check-in, boarding, hand baggage removal, late-to-gate customers, flight coupon reconciliation, and head count confirmation. They monitor baggage delivery performance against agreed standards and maintain an efficient service. The officer supports the Emirates Ticket Desk functions and undertakes ticketing/reservation duties, offering a full range of Emirates products and services to maximize ticketing revenue. They issue tickets, make and amend reservations, re-issue and recalculate fares, and assist with credit card verification.

    The officer also supports duties in the Emirates lounge, liaising with service providers and supervising contracted staff, overseeing catering, cleaning, and maintenance operations, and ensuring service standards are met and maintained.

    Job Requirements

    The ideal candidate should have a minimum `O Level and completed professional training in Customer Services and Ground Operations. They should also have knowledge of basic fares and ticketing. Experience in the airline industry is required, with fluency in English and local language. The ideal candidate must be able to live and work in Tunisia.

    Job Details

    Company: Emirates

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Tunis, Tunisia

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