• United Airlines Customer Service Representative in Honduras

    Location San Pedro Sula, Honduras

    Job Description

    United Airlines is seeking a Customer Service Representative in Honduras to create a welcoming and respected environment for international customers. The role involves interacting with international customers in lobbies and gates, handling ticketing, baggage, and greeting them with a smile. Responsibilities include receiving calls, greeting, advising, tagging, and handling baggage, preparing tickets, determining fares, and routing. Interacting with customers in a kind and useful manner is crucial for creating memorable experiences and building customer loyalty. The role requires a strong sense of responsibility and a safety mentality, working daily with a safety mentality to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

    Job Requirements

    To succeed, candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent, be 18 years old, have excellent interpersonal skills, be comfortable working with computers and new technologies, and be able to stand and walk for shifts. They must be legally authorized to work in Honduras, meet company attendance standards, and have a valid passport and U.S. visa. Previous airline, travel, or hospitality work experience is preferred, along with a bachelor's degree.

    Job Details

    Company: United Airlines

    Employment Type: Part-time

    Job Location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

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