• Airport Services Ramp Officer at Emirates in Milan, Italy

    Location Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

    Job Description

    Emirates is seeking an Airport Services Ramp Officer in Milan, Italy to oversee all aspects of outstation ramp operations, ensuring compliance with Emirates operating procedures, safety standards, and local and international regulations. The role involves planning, organizing, monitoring, and controlling all aspects of ramp operations, including effective coordination of internal and external departments. The role also involves ensuring safe, efficient, and punctual delivery of operations, protecting Emirates' reputation, and ensuring a safe and on-time departure.

    The role involves overall responsibility for operational units and Ground Service Suppliers (GSPs) on the ramp, monitoring readiness, and ensuring adequate resources are provided. The role also involves interacting with stakeholders involved in aircraft servicing, ensuring safety and operational handling procedures are in place and adhered to.

    The Airport Services Manager advises the candidate on operational processes, standards, and procedures to improve safety, efficiency, and quality of services delivered at the station. The candidate is responsible for overseeing and auditing Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence with airport service providers, establishing new standards, and managing the EKAS ramp operation reporting dashboard.

    The role also involves ensuring passenger service and ground operations manual updates are communicated and adhered to, identifying potential compliance vulnerabilities, and conducting regular risk assessments. The candidate participates in compliance and external safety and regulatory audits, producing audit reports and following up with stakeholders to implement corrective actions.

    The role also involves raising reports if non-compliance is discovered and leading investigations to identify root causes and develop corrective actions. The candidate works closely with EKAS HQ, Group Safety, Flight Operations, and other departments to investigate accidents and incidents, critiquing investigation reports and developing remedial actions.

    Job Requirements

    The job requires a minimum A level of experience in Ground Operations/Ramp, including supervisory positions, airport ramp handling, aircraft loading, weight and balance, load control, and documentation. Knowledge of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Cat 10) is required, along with experience with ALTEA systems. IT skills are required, and fluency in spoken and written English is required. Other requirements include a valid driving license and airport driving permit, flexibility in shifts, ability to travel, and adherence to health and safety requirements. The job holder is responsible for adhering to these practices.

    Job Details

    Company: Emirates

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Milan, Italy

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