• Ramp Agent at Air Transat in Dorval

    Location Montreal, QC, Canada

    Job Description

    The ramp agent will handle luggage processing at departures and arrivals levels, preparing, loading, and unloading luggage from aircraft, marshaling aircraft, operating airside equipment, adhering to airport industry rules, health and safety policies, and company procedures, reacting appropriately in emergencies, and performing other tasks necessary for the smooth operation of the Ramp Service Department.

    Job Requirements

    This role requires a high school diploma, 2 years of airport experience, a Class 5 driver's license, a RAIC card, an AD ramp permit, successful initial training, medical examinations, security checks. The ideal incumbent should be bilingual French/English, available for shift work, able to lift heavy objects, bend frequently, read loading instructions, interpret aircraft labels, work under various climatic conditions, and enjoy working in a team environment.

    Job Details

    Company: Air Transat

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Dorval, QC, Canada

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