• Traffic Officer at Kuwait Airways in Madrid, Spain

    Location Madrid, Spain

    Job Description

    Kuwait Airways is currently recruiting for a Traffic Officer in the Ground Handling Department, based in Madrid, Spain. The role involves carrying out specialized clerical and technical duties related to passenger check-in and handling at the airport. This includes checking in passengers and baggage, issuing excess baggage forms, collecting cash or credit card receipts, and checking passports for validity and visa. The role also involves liaising with immigration authorities at Kuwait Airport to facilitate clearance of passengers, cabin and deck crew, KAC, and other carriers' flights.

    The duties and responsibilities of the Traffic Officer - MAD include checking in passengers and baggage at the airport, ensuring passports are valid and visa-available, securing baggage on the scale, and preparing passenger manifests. Traffic Officers also carry out clerical and reception activities related to transiting passengers and baggage, connecting flights, and issuing excess baggage forms. Liaise with airport immigration and security authorities to ensure timely passport checks and obtain immigration clearance for KAC and other carriers. The role may be assigned to any other unit of Passenger Services on shift, and the candidate is expected to carry out all duties and responsibilities assigned to these units.

    Job Requirements

    To be considered for this role, candidates must have good English knowledge, 12 years of secondary education, 2 years of airport operation experience, including ticketing and sales courses, 1 year of specialized traffic handling training, and relevant computer skills.

    Job Details

    Company: Kuwait Airways

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Madrid, Spain

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