• Air Mauritius Direct Entry First Officers (A330/A350) Mauritius

    Location Mauritius


    Air Mauritius has vacancy for the following post: DIRECT ENTRY FIRST OFFICERS ( A330/A350 First Officer ).


    • Final Secondary Education Certificate;
    • Medical: Class 1 (In case of medical restrictions Air Mauritius reserves the right not to accept the medical certificates);
    • Licenses: ICAO or equivalent standard;
    • Candidates shall meet the requirements of the local authorities;
    • Minimum age: 20 years;
    • Candidates must pass an Air Mauritius Technical Examination.
    • Flying Criteria
      • A330/A350 First Officer
      • Valid ATPL
      • 2000 flying hours on multi engine jet aircraft


    Company: Air Mauritius

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Mauritius

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