• Airport Services Agent Royal Jordanian Amman

    Location Amman, Jordan


    The Airport Services Agent is responsible for ensuring smooth passenger acceptance by providing necessary services such as check-in, boarding, transfer, and baggage services. They must adhere to set procedures, such as displaying security and safety notifications, preparing counters, and ensuring documents are secure from unauthorized use. They must also handle passengers' embarkation processes, report passengers to baggage security control, handle delayed flights, and perform necessary announcements. They must also prepare necessary documents for boarding and collection, carry out transfer check-ins, record and handle baggage claims for destruction, loss, damage, or delay, and handle baggage claims for customer airlines as per the signed agreement. Additionally, they must prepare baggage services counters with necessary labels, vouchers, and forms. Overall, the Airport Services Agent's key duties include ensuring passenger satisfaction and ensuring a seamless travel experience.


    Candidates for this role must have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration or any related field, min 0 to 5 years of experience, excellent English and Arabic language command, computer skills, quality and security consciousness, ability to work under pressure, and customer service skills.


    Company: Royal Jordanian

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Amman, Jordan

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