• Alaska Airlines Supervisor Inflight Seattle

    Location Seattle, WA, USA


    The Supervisor Inflight at Alaska Airlines is responsible for overseeing employee engagement and daily operations, including supporting the Flight Attendant (FA) group by ensuring the Service Framework is executed and providing resources and information for success. The Supervisor is responsible for assisting in the operation by meeting inbound and outbound flights, problem-solving, mitigating delays, meeting or exceeding performance objectives, including safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As a people leader, the Supervisor will maintain consistent application of company and contractual policies related to FAs in all domiciles.

    Key duties include supervising and directing the work of all Flight Attendants based and traveling through the hub to ensure safe and efficient operations, demonstrating commitment to Alaska's flight attendants by providing superior customer service, upholding professional standards, and meeting time-sensitive team member expectations.

    The Supervisor also supervises the execution of new or existing policies and procedures, driving engagement initiatives, coaching and mentoring Flight Attendants, and maintaining appreciation and recognition initiatives. They also develop people through effective performance management and ongoing feedback, investigate delays and irregular flight activity, create a culture of accountability, influence team culture through positive actions, and engage with Flight Attendants at outbound and inbound flights.

    Salary Range: $67,700 - $101,500


    To be considered for this role, candidates must have a bachelor's degree, a minimum age of 21, 3 years of customer service experience, and 2 years of airline or leadership experience. They must complete Alaska Airlines' initial training/IOE, hold a FAA flight attendant certificate, and remain qualified through recurrent training. The candidate must be able to reach 80 vertical inches, swim 90 feet assisted with a life vest, lift up to 35lbs, meet company grooming, uniform, and appearance standards, and demonstrate physical ability to perform flight attendant duties.

    Applicants must have a current passport with unlimited access in and out of the United States, be able to fly unrestricted in and out of all countries within which Alaska Airlines operates, and be able to write routine reports and correspondence. They must also be able to interpret instructions, problem solve, coach, mentor, and lead frontline employees in an engaging, positive, and constructive manner.

    The candidate must be able to work independently and as a team player, demonstrate physical ability to be on your feet for long periods, and be willing to fly as a crew member as needed. They must also be authorized to work in the U.S.

    Preferred qualifications include 3 years of inflight experience, experience in preparing investigative reports, knowledge of the aviation industry, and a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree.


    Company: Alaska Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

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