• Emirates Administration Specialist Dubai

    Location Dubai - United Arab Emirates


    As an Administration Specialist, you will oversee the board meeting process, maintain financial records, and collaborate with auditors. You will also review and tally monthly Skywards reports, maintain a comprehensive record of beneficiaries' financial reporting, prepare and sign MoUs, manage the EKF mailbox, manage the relationship with the Regulator (IACAD), manage ticket redemption, and organize field visits with existing projects. Additionally, you will manage the ENBD online accounting for payments and assist the Secretary General in budget preparation.

    This role requires strong communication, collaboration, and a strong understanding of financial reporting and beneficiary relationships.

    Emirates Foundation offers a competitive tax-free salary, 39 calendar days of annual leave, annual leave travel for self-return tickets home, and private medical insurance.


    To succeed in this role, candidates must have a degree or Honours, 5+ years in General Administration experience, and Arabic speaking skills. They also need advanced Microsoft Office skills, basic accounting knowledge, experience working with senior executives, project management experience would be an asset, previous experience working or volunteering for a NGO or development organization would be an asset, and basic reservation experience.


    Company: Emirates

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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