• Flight Attendant | Royal Jordanian

    Location Jordan


    Royal Jordanian is seeking Flight Attendants to ensure passenger safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Welcome and direct passengers to their seats.
    • Make announcements and keep passengers informed of delays.
    • Lead passengers in case of emergencies and provide first aid.
    • Check passenger seat belts and secure galleys before takeoff.
    • Serve meals and refreshments as per company rules.
    • Demonstrate safety procedures and equipment use before every flight.
    • Perform pre-flight duties including checking safety equipment, aircraft cleanliness, and meal provision.
    • Ensure safe disembark and check for luggage in overhead lockers, toilets, and galley areas.
    • Complete all flight-related paperwork and liaise with ground staff.


    • High school degree
    • English proficiency
    • Communication skills
    • Customer service
    • Safety and security awareness
    • Time management
    • Weight proportion to height (158CM)


    Company: Royal Jordanian

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Amman, Jordan

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