• Luxair Equipage de Cabine France

    Location France


    As a cabin crew member, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of passengers and flight crew during normal, abnormal, and emergency operations. This includes maintaining effective communication with flight crew members, providing appropriate assistance to special category passengers, and providing first aid measures for medical emergencies. You must stay updated with Luxair's regulations, documents, and instructions, and ensure guest wellbeing according to service instructions and commercial communication guidelines. You must also act in accordance with regulations and take necessary responsibilities when involved in in-flight sales on LUXAIR flights. Additionally, you must be familiar with reporting methods and communicate any issues that arise during duty.


    To be considered for this role, candidates must have a secondary education diploma or equivalent, a swimming or rescue certificate, be at least 18 years old, and be fit for flights. Must be customer-oriented, have a smart appearance, respect uniform dress code, and have good communication skills in English, French, and German. Must also pass mandatory initial and recurrent training in their area of activity.

    Preferred qualifications include knowledge of other languages, be highly service-oriented, have a basic knowledge of Luxembourgish, demonstrate communication skills at all levels, demonstrate user skills in departmental tools, be responsible, dynamic, team-oriented, and capable of dealing with stress, and demonstrate excellent customer contact.


    Company: Luxair

    Employment Type: Temporary

    Location: France

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