• Staff Assistant I, Inflight American Airlines New York

    Location New York, NY, USA


    The Staff Assistant I, Inflight is responsible for various administrative tasks to support Flight Attendants and Inflight management employees. They answer general questions, file expense reimbursement, provide tablet support, coordinate flight attendant parking and IDs, order supplies and maintain e-boards in crew rooms, work at the Crew Service Center, assist Duty Managers with Inflight operation, ensure office and crew room computers and equipment are in working condition, and assume all duties manager administrative functions in the absence of a Duty Manager. This role is part of the Inflight Team, within the Customer Experience Division.

    Salary Range: $32,073.63 to $46,155.20


    To succeed in this role, candidates must have a high school diploma or GED equivalency, 2 years of experience with PC, Sabre, DECS, and RES, independent judgement, knowledge of contract labor groups, ability to work all shifts, holidays, and overtime, rotation of shifts and days off, and FAA criminal background checks for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas. Preferred qualifications include current or previous inflight and crew schedule experience


    Company: American Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: New York, NY, USA

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