• Volotea Kabinenbesatzung Hamburg

    Location Hamburg, Germany


    Volotea is seeking motivated and exceptional individuals to join its Cabin Crew team to ensure the highest quality of safety and onboard experience.

    Volotea Main Markets

    Volotea Main markets are France, Italy, Greece, and Spain.

    • Germany:

      • Hamburg
    • Greece:

      • Athens
    • Italy:

      • Venice
      • Verona
      • Palermo
      • Cagliari
      • Olbia
      • Florence
      • Naples
    • France:

      • Nantes
      • Bordeaux
      • Toulouse
      • Marseille
      • Strasbourg
      • Lille
      • Lourdes
      • Lyon
    • Spain:

      • Asturias
      • Bilbao

    Benefits include local employment contracts, fast career growth, a friendly work environment, free ticket leisure, standby and ZED travel with over 100 airlines, and free employee airport parking.


    To be considered for this role, applicants must be at least 18 years or older, fluent in English; fluency in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Algerian, or Greek is highly preferred, hold a valid European passport or work permit, have a valid Cabin Crew attestation issue from an EU country, be fit and between 157cm to 190cm high, have no visible tattoos or body piercings; have no criminal records, ability to swim 100 meters, have legal rights to live and work in the country you are applying for, live within 60 minutes of the airport, have excellent communication skills. Previous experience in aviation or customer service is highly preferred but not required.


    Company: Volotea

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Hamburg, Germany

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