• Flydubai UAE Cadet Dubai

    Location Dubai - United Arab Emirates


    The main objective of the role is to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft as 'Second in Command' under the directives of a Captain or aircraft Commander, and if applicable, the First Officer. Key responsibilities include providing continuous input and assistance to the Captain, acting as a brand ambassador, demonstrating responsibility for crew and customer welfare, supporting the commander in fueling, baggage/cargo loading, and servicing, and ensuring the proper execution of duties specified in the flydubai Operations Manuals.


    To succeed in this role, candidates must have a high school diploma, ICAO 1st Class Medical certificate, CPL/IR with MCC for Frozen ATPL, fluency in English and Arabic, GCAA Air-law exam, ELP level 4 or above, proof of military service completion or exemption, and 225 hours flying time for ages 20-34 and 1,000 hours for ages 35-50.


    Company: Flydubai

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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