• American Airlines Premium Guest Services Coordinator, Charlotte

    Location Charlotte, NC, USA


    As a Premium Guest Services Coordinator, you will be the face of exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all guests. Your responsibilities include a variety of tasks, including verifying club and lounge access, greeting guests by name, and resolving any travel issues that may arise. You'll play a key role in managing club/lounge operations, overseeing staff performance, maintaining a welcoming environment, and coordinating services for elite members. Additionally, you'll be responsible for tasks like confirming flight reservations, checking in passengers, and monitoring flight status. You'll also play a part in club enrollment, sales activities, and ensuring seamless communication with higher levels of support. This role requires a commitment to detailed documentation, adherence to company policies and regulations, and the ability to utilize various internal systems to optimize guest satisfaction.

    Starting Pay: $22.07 per hour

    Benefits and Offers

    American Airlines offers over 6,800 daily flights to 365 destinations, allowing you to explore the world with your family and friends. American Airlines also offers wellness programs, providing resources and support to help employees become their best selves. A 401(k) program is available upon hire, with employer contributions after one year. Additional benefits include Employee Assistance Program, pet insurance, and discounts on hotels, cars, and cruises.


    This role requires a highly motivated individual with a strong foundation in communication and customer service. The ideal candidate should possess a high school diploma or GED and demonstrates fluency in English (reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension). Bilingual skills may be required depending on the location.

    FAA background checks and security badges (airport authority or US Customs) are necessary for unescorted access to secure areas. The role demands exceptional customer service skills, with the ability to handle pressure, manage multiple tasks, and prioritize detail while exceeding guest expectations. Strong salesmanship and interpersonal skills are key to effective interaction with all levels of management and the public.

    A service-oriented and self-motivated professional is preferred, with the ability to attend training in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Prior experience in customer hospitality is a plus, and a well-groomed appearance is essential.

    The candidate should possess excellent organizational and administrative skills, be comfortable with a PC environment (experience preferred), and be available for irregular or extended hours, including weekends and holidays. Regular and timely attendance is mandatory.


    Company: American Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Charlotte, NC, USA

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