• Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant San Juan

    Location San Juan, Puerto Rico


    As a Flight Attendant, you'll play a vital role in ensuring passenger well-being, safety, security, and comfort. Your duties are multifaceted, encompassing exceptional customer service and adherence to safety protocols.

    • You'll meticulously follow FAA regulations and Frontier Airlines' procedures. You'll be prepared to initiate emergency evacuations, conduct pre-flight safety checks, and ensure cabin security throughout the flight.
    • As the face of Frontier Airlines onboard, you'll answer passenger inquiries, address concerns, and even sell products. Clear communication, a positive attitude, and a professional demeanor are key.
    • From ensuring proper luggage storage to preparing doors and announcing flight information, you'll be instrumental in a smooth and secure travel experience.
    • From setting up the galley and managing food and beverage service to providing emergency medical assistance, you'll demonstrate versatility and a willingness to tackle various tasks.

    Benefits and Offers

    Hourly Rate: $25.50 per hour

    Frontier Airlines offers a rewarding career with perks that enhance your life. Take advantage of travel privileges for you and your family with Frontier flight benefits and buddy passes. Explore exclusive discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more to stretch your travel budget further. Everyday savings extend to cell phone plans, movie tickets, restaurants, luggage, and over 2,000 other vendors. Maintain a healthy work-life balance with a dress-for-your-day business casual environment and flexible scheduling options. Frontier offers a competitive total rewards package that includes a competitive base salary, short-term and long-term incentives, paid holidays, vacation/sick time, and medical/dental/vision insurance starting from day one.


    To be considered for this role, candidates must have a high school graduate or GED, be 20 years old, have 1 to 2 years of customer service experience, have a valid passport, and be able to travel in and out of the United States and to all current and future international destinations served by Frontier Airlines. Must present a neat professional appearance and demeanor, adhering to Frontier Inflight uniform and appearance guidelines.

    The normal duties of a Flight Attendant include stretching, reaching, and bending, with tattoos not being exposed during these times. If a tattoo may become briefly exposed during normal duties, makeup may be used to cover it, but it must match the flight attendant's skin tone and be waterproof to prevent transferring to and soiling the uniform garment.

    Flight attendants must be willing to relocate to their assigned base location, work flexible hours, travel for long periods, adapt to job demands, and fly both international and domestic routes. Must also be willing to change and adapt to meet the demands of the job, including accepting schedule changes on short notice.


    Company: Frontier Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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