• Flydubai Senior Officer - Inflight Hospitality Dubai

    Location Dubai - United Arab Emirates


    As a Senior Officer - Inflight Hospitality, you will be responsible for designing detailed service procedures, evaluating service design and product concepts, managing service development projects, maintaining service manuals, and maintaining crew reference materials. You will also design efficient and cost-effective onboard logistics for both standard and VIP charter operations.

    You will analyze data from Customer Experience teams, cabin crew surveys, flight reports, and onboard audits to identify trends and needs for enhancing onboard products, service procedures, and customer/employee User Experience (UX). You will ensure that service procedures are understood, consistently executed, and continuously enhanced, taking corrective measures when service delivery expectations are not met.

    You will lead inflight service/product trials, organize end-to-end co-creation workshops, and support various service development initiatives by collaborating with Cabin Safety & Standards, Cabin Crew Operations, Cabin Crew Training, and Catering. You will also oversee the recruitment and management of working groups, including crew volunteers or seconded crew, to support continuous inflight audit and service taskforces.

    You will also actively engage in projects or development working groups aimed at facilitating the introduction of new aircraft, routes, services, or products. Additionally, you will maintain a valid flying license to conduct routine onboard service audits or flights.


    To succeed in this role, candidates must possess a Bachelor's Degree (minimum 3 years) and a valid GCAA Flying License. Additionally, at least 5 years of cabin crew experience is essential, with a minimum of 3 years spent in either inflight service design or hospitality management. Fluency in English and proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite are also necessary.


    Company: Flydubai

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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